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December 13, 2008


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I had cancer when I was 18, and it took a long time but I did manage to get several of my family members to enjoy a little dark cancer humor. Maybe it's harder with combat, though--the abruptness of it, maybe? The distance? I don't know. Good luck, though. Sometimes laughing is the only thing you can do.

(I feel like it's time to de-lurk already...I found your blog last month while looking for reactions to the Atlantic article about transgender kids, and then about that same time I noticed you commenting over at the excellent Slacktivist, too! Your writing is a pleasure to read, and not just because I know and deeply love a combat veteran transgender woman in my real life. So, yeah...thanks for writing publicly, and hi!)

Irene M.

Have you celebrated Halloween recently? Pirates are way overdone. Stephen Hawking, now there is a badass costume. ;–)


yep, laughing definitely helps. you don't need it, but you have my official permission to make as many morbid jokes as you want and I'll do my best to laugh-- I promise!

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