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May 17, 2009


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I can't wait for DADT to end. I too have a strong relationship with God..and am lesbian. I've come to terms that God made me this way since I was a child...and he rather have me happy. I pray everyday DADT ends so that I may live my life fully and serve completely without fear or knowing that the one I love doesn't have to worry anymore. Many Blessings to you Battle!---They Call Me Papi<3

In Christ

You are twisted in your queer thinking.God does not condone homosexuality in any form.This is backed up Throughout the bible I suggest you actually read the Word for yourself.I will pray for your healing.If you live without shame Christ is not in you, you are rebelling against Christ for your own sick twisted perversion.No childeren should be allowed around you or your kind,for you are truly unholy.

In Christ

Christ was no freak like you at all,He was rejected because He had Light in Him and spoke the Truth of which you have distorted.You have traded truth for a lie.

In Christ

Unrepenting (withdraw from,quit,still in sin)queers are not Christians !

In Christ

You will suffer same fate as Sodom and Gomorah if you dont repent queers.

In Christ

Homosexuals are ungodly,evil,unChristian,detestable.

In Christ

Repent ye,for the kingdom of God is at hand.

Combat Queer


Irene M.

Wow. Way to miss the message.


You are welcome to watch my future children anytime. They'll need some strong Christian examples and you are the only person I truly trust to provide that.

~Irene M.

PS: Congratulations (?) on your first troll.

In Christ

Hey Irene you twisted sodomite,you are unholy,UnGodly and a whore.Repent ye,for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.You are not equal in the eyes of the Lord you choose to disobey Him.Get a bible and read where you are headed.Your queer perversions have distorted your thinking and you will never be accepted by the majority of people in this country.You are a true sodomite.

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